About Jason Weigand

Jason Weigand is an accomplished sports officiator who volunteers to organize and manage youth leagues to the benefit of his community. Growing up, sports played a major role in Jason’s life and he still enjoys staying active and competing to this day. Jason’s positive experiences as a multi-sport athlete inspired him to fill the administrative gaps that too often hinder youth sports programs, as well as begin officiating games.

Jason Weigand first became involved in youth sports while still based in New Jersey, when he realized the league in his local community desperately needed help. Jason volunteered to serve on the board, and soon found himself playing an important role in organization, fundraising, and growth efforts. Jason Weigand has amassed over 14 years of experience running youth baseball leagues.

As for football, Jason Weigand enjoyed an unorthodox entrance into the world of sport officiating. When he one day accompanied an employee to a local high school football game, he had no inclination to be anything more than a spectator. However, upon his arrival, the league was short one referee, and Jason unexpectedly found himself officiating the game – even though he had no prior experience outside of his own experience as a student on the football field. As the game entered the final minutes, Jason made a difficult, but correct, call that decided the result.

Jason Weigand also maintains an active interest in fitness, participating in sports and hitting the gym to stay in good health and shape.

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